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-Some excellent [[wiki:syntax|general notes on the DokuWiki system]] have been provided by its authors, as well as specific pages on [[doku>wiki:images|images]] and [[doku>wiki:mediamanager|the media manager]] (used to upload binary files). 
-Any further notes on the stylised way in which [[home|Abridge Me]] should be laid out can be added here: 
-  * Quotations from the original text are entered as explained in the [[wiki:syntax#Quoting|general syntax]] at the first level.  In other words, a quoted paragraph should be prepended with "> " (without the surrounding quotations, but preferably with the space following the angled bracket (purely for the sake of source readability, as either will work, I think)). 
-  * Note that DokuWiki, like [[wp>Latex|LaTeX]], uses three hyphens in succession to produce an m-dash (long dash used between words in sentences --- like this). 
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