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-====== Abridgements ====== 
-^  Title                                                              Author                                    ^ 
-| [[The Elusive Quest for Growth]]                                   | [[wp>William Easterly]]                    | 
-| [[The White Mans Burden|The White Man's Burden]]                   | [[wp>William Easterly]]                    | 
-| [[A Century of War]]                                               | [[wp>William Engdahl]]                     | 
-| [[Macroeconomics and the Phillips Curve Myth]]                     | [[wp>James Forder]]                        | 
-| [[The Affluent Society]]                                           | [[wp>John Kenneth Galbraith]]              | 
-| [[The Anatomy of Power]]                                           | [[wp>John Kenneth Galbraith]]              | 
-| [[The Nature of Mass Poverty]]                                     | [[wp>John Kenneth Galbraith]]              | 
-| [[The New Industrial State]]                                       | [[wp>John Kenneth Galbraith]]              | 
-| [[Dumbing Us Down]]: the Hidden Curriculum of Compulsory Schooling | [[wp>John Taylor Gatto]]                   | 
-| [[The Partys Over|The Party's Over]]                               | [[wp>Richard Heinberg]]                    | 
-| [[PostCapitalism]]: A Guide to Our Future                          | [[wp>Paul Mason (journalist)|Paul Mason]]  | 
-| [[The Return of Depression Economics]]                             | [[wp>Paul Krugman]]                        | 
-| [[Who Runs This Place|Who Runs This Place?]]                       | [[wp>Anthony Sampson]]                     | 
-| [[Fair Trade for All]]                                             | [[wp>Joseph Stiglitz]] and Andrew Charlton | 
-| [[The Roaring Nineties]]                                           | [[wp>Joseph Stiglitz]]                     | 
-====== eReaders ====== 
-If you would like to read any of the abridgements on this site on an eReader and you use Firefox or Chrome, we suggest you install an add-on that enables you to send a web page direct to your device.  We try to ensure this site works well with these add-ons: 
-^ Firefox | [[|Push to Kindle]] | [[|Send to Kindle]] | 
-^ Chrome  | [[|Send to Kindle]] |  | 
-Install your preferred add-on, then navigate to the abridgement you wish to send to your eReader.  You should see a button in your toolbar enabling you to send a reformatted version directly to your device.  You may need to restart your browser before the add-on will work.  Please report any problems you have using these add-ons with this site. 
-====== Introduction ====== 
-Abridge Me is a collection of abridgements of non-fiction books, mostly concerned with [[WP>politics]], [[WP>economics]] and [[WP>international development]].  If you are interested in contributing in any way, please email abridgeme [at] gmail [dot] com. 
-====== Contact ====== 
-If you have comments or questions, you can email abridgeme [at] gmail [dot] com.  The "donate" link at the bottom of the page enables you to give money to the author of the wiki system that Abridge Me uses, [[|Dokuwiki]], in case that is something you might like to do.  Maintainers of and contributors to Abridge Me will not receive any part of such a donation. 
-====== Similar Projects ====== 
-If this was the sort of thing that you were looking for, you might also be interested to find some of these: 
-  * [[|Squashed Philosophers]], brief summaries of major historical philosophers' thoughts; 
-  * [[|Squeezed Books]], summaries of business books; 
-  * [[|Wiki Summaries]], summaries and study guides of books in English and Spanish (a mixture of novels and non-fiction); 
-  * [[|WikiSummary]], a collection of summaries on social science; 
-  * [[|Varsity Notes]], lecture notes on university subjects; 
-  * [[|Spark Notes]], a commercial site containing study guides. 
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