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If you would like to read any of the abridgements on this site on an eReader and you use Firefox or Chrome, we suggest you install an add-on that enables you to send a web page direct to your device. We try to ensure this site works well with these add-ons:

Install your preferred add-on, then navigate to the abridgement you wish to send to your eReader. You should see a button in your toolbar enabling you to send a reformatted version directly to your device. You may need to restart your browser before the add-on will work. Please report any problems you have using these add-ons with this site.


Abridge Me is a collection of abridgements of non-fiction books, mostly concerned with politics, economics and international development. If you are interested in contributing in any way, please email abridgeme [at] gmail [dot] com.


If you have comments or questions, you can email abridgeme [at] gmail [dot] com. The “donate” link at the bottom of the page enables you to give money to the author of the wiki system that Abridge Me uses, Dokuwiki, in case that is something you might like to do. Maintainers of and contributors to Abridge Me will not receive any part of such a donation.

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